Elementary & Elementary II Programs
Ages 7-9

About the Programs:


NESD’s Elementary program offers a variety of styles and disciplines for students around the ages of 7-9. Dancers will experience the joy of movement and begin to learn more about body placement, focus, musicality, dance vocabulary and technique!



Students who have studied in the Primary level & have been committed to Elementary classes for at least two years or more may be invited to take certain classes as an “Elementary II” student with our Intermediate level dancers. Current students will be emailed by the office with suggested classes and new students will be assessed upon registration. Some students may be notified throughout the year based on their progress.


Sanitizing Schedule:

Please see the full “Studio Schedule” for sanitizing times. Certain class times were shifted by 5-10 minutes after class/level changes to ensure a safe and clean environment. The length of each class is still the same but be sure to check if your class begins/ends 5-10 minutes later while cleaning procedures are still of the utmost importance. The list of classes below and the registration schedule lists the class times as they will be when things go back to normal. Until further notice, please follow the “studio Schedule!”


20/21 Classes Offered:


4:00-5:00 – Elementary Ballet

5:00-6:00 – Petite Performing Company Rehearsal

6:00-7:00 - Petite Performing Company Semi-Private



4:00-5:00 – Elementary Tap/Jazz

5:00-6:00 – Elementary Contemporary

6:00-7:00 – Elementary Ballet



4:00-5:00 – Elementary Ballet



4:30-5:30 – Elementary Hip Hop

5:30-6:00 – Elementary/Intermediate Acro (Must take Elem Hip Hop to properly warm up)


*Elementary II “Challenge Classes” will be presented to current students via email if we feel they are ready! New students can be assessed in their first class or by appointment.


Dress Code - Please click on the following links for suggested brands:


Lavender Leotard: (Must wear for all styles of dance in Elementary Level)


Ballet Tights: (In “ballet pink”)


Black Footless tights:  (To be worn over the leotard (like leggings) in Contemporary, Jazz & Tap)

Ballet Shoes

Tan Jazz Shoes

Black Tap Shoes

Black Hip Hop Shoes: (With appropriate athletic clothing - Be sure to order shoes in black! These will be worn in the spring performance and can be purchased later in the year. Please be sure to order by February at the latest!)

Performing Opportunities with NESD:

All Elementary ballet students are invited to audition for our annual Nutcracker Production and will also have one dance in the performance with their ballet class! They will perform in each of their class dances for our annual Spring Production as well! They also have the option of auditioning for our Petite Performing Company as well!

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