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" I love the beauty, discipline, elegance, self confidence, artful motion and self control that it gives that children. I believe it will follow them throughout their lives no matter what path they find themselves on!"

"My daughter loves the teachers here at NESD and the classes are great fun.   They put together some wonderful recitals and Nutcracker each year. She has "struggled" some with the ballet but the teachers worked to help her keep up with it and now she loves it!"

"NESD is a special place, it is a positive place to be encouraged, inspired and strengthened in the art of dance.   Our children have had the pleasure of dancing at NESD for over 6 years, and every year we are even more amazed at the commitment to class! They truly are a step above the rest.   The Spring performance is a wonderful testament to the level of grandeur at NESD.   The teachers, dancers and choreographers strive to maintain modesty, dignity and grace in Classical Ballet and all forms of dance.  The parents at NESD have come to realize we have found a rare gem of a dance school, a place we can feel proud to send our little treasures to."

"My daughter can not wait to go to dance class, she enjoys the teachers so much.   It is a very nice atmosphere to be in."

NESD has a talented and dedicated staff, hard working students with a range of experience and abilities, and one of the most fun, healthy, and professional studio atmospheres I've ever seen.

"Our two daughters enjoy their dance at NESD. The school provides an environment that is disciplined and modest. Mrs. Smith and Miss Laura have a special way of encouraging the children to love dance, and inspiring them to perform their personal best. The choreography of the recitals is fantastic. NESD allows students to feel proud of their achievements at all different skill levels. RAD testing helps in setting goals and providing a measurable way to evaluate their dance technique."

" My daughter loves coming every week.   She loves her teacher and enjoys being in the shows.   I would recommend this to everyone who wants to have fun and learn good technique"

The students at NESD who have attended US Ballet Associates are well trained, full of energy and tremendously hard workers! A pleasure to see you all!

I had the pleasure of attending Clara's Tea Party today. I was blown away by how extremely talented all of students are. All of the teachers and students work really hard and it definitely shows. Congrats to everyone involved!

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